>> How to Download Instagram Photo on PC:


When you are decided to download someone’s uploaded Instagram photos from your PC, then you face a problem like, you don’t have any options from Instragram side to download the images. To solving this problem, we have better solutions for you.

> Download Instagram photos from your browser:

1. First of all, you will have to login to your Instagram account by typing your user name and password.
2. After logged in go to your friends or the profile of the person, you wish to download images and then go ahead to their profile picture section.
3. After that open the image, you want to download and when opened right click on the image and select the “copy link image” of that image.
4. After you get the image link, open a new tab in your browser and then paste that link and press enter.
5. Just right click on it and select “save image as” option, provide a new name and click save.

> Download Instagram photos from Dinsta website:

Here is an alternate method for downloading Instagram photos other than from Instagram website. You can download image by visiting dinsta.com by following steps.

1. Type dinsta.com in the url section of your web browser and click on go.
2. After opening, you will find “Enter Instagram url on the top most of the website.
3. We already discussed how to get the image url above. After getting url, simply paste that url in the “Enter Instagram Url” section of the page and click on go button.
4. In the next page, you will see a image of the link, and a the download button appears under it. Simply click on download button and your image is started downloaded. After the few seconds, you will able to open it after download is successful.

By using above two methods, you will download only one image at a time and these methods take lots of time, if you wish to download all images of that person’s profile. But here is another method by which you can download multiple images at once.

1. First of all, download and install “Free Instagram Downloader” from this link “http://download.cnet.com/Free-Instagram-Downloader/3000-12941_4-75745848.html” on your PC and open it.
2. After opening, click on “Input User Name” button and enter the user name in the pop-up shown then click “Ok” button.
3. Now select the images you want to download or select all to download all images of that profile.

Now, all images that you select will downloaded in some time.

Note: You will able to download that images only that are public shown.

Facebook Log in Cambodia – Facebook.com.kh Possible to Login?

How to Secure Your Facebook Account?

Facebook has now become a 24*7 activity. You may be absent-minded during studies or at work, but you are always active on this social media platform. At the same time, the number of members of this family is also increasing at a rapid pace. All these call for enhanced security in your Facebook account which in turn will hinder access to hackers and virus. Here’s how you can ensure security in your Facebook account:
1. Your Facebook login password should be different from any other login portal like gmail, instagram, etc. Think about a strong, hard-to-guess password, which will be only known to you. Never share your password with friends or acquaintances and carefully logoff in case you login from their devices. Also, in most browsers you will see a tab showing ‘Remember this password for this site’. Never click on such things.

2. In case a hacker tries to login with your User ID and Password, you must get the notification then and there. Go to Home, select Account Settings, click on Security tab and another click on Login Notification. With this, if anyone gets unauthorised access to your account, you will immediately receive the notification. Change your password at that moment. (While doing so, recall point 1)

3. Facebook keeps a record of your Active Sessions. Go to Home, then Account Settings, then Security and finally click on Active Sessions. It is advised that you monitor your online presence at least once a day. If you come across unfamiliar location or device, be rest assured that your account is at risk and immediately change your password.

4. Make sure that your browsing is secured. For this, follow this trail- Home, Account Settings, Security, Secure Browsing. If your browsing is secured, you can keep viruses and hackers at bay

5. In Facebook, people have a tendency to be friends with unknown people. Seeing this opportunity, hackers create fake profiles to gain access in Facebook accounts. Hence, it is advisable not to Add Friend any unknown person. Who knows about their real intention?

6. As your email accounts are connected to Facebook, be sure that they are safe. If hackers manage to get hold of your email ID, their attempts to hack your Facebook account will be easier.

7. Make sure that your anti-virus is up-to-date. Keep scanning your computer and/or device from where you login to your Facebook account. Change the anti-virus software on its expiry.

8. Lastly, before downloading any stuff from Facebook, think twice. Most interesting and amazing things on this platform are backed by hacking intentions. So, be aware.

www.camhr.com – khmer website to find job in Cambodia

How to get your dream job?
Are you one of those who just graduated from college or the one who already working a 9 to 5 job but won’t satisfy with that. In today’s world, finding a job is very difficult that’s the reason many job seekers seem to dismiss the idea of getting a dream job. The world is full of competition, and many us just quit because they all feel that landing a dream job is a daunting task but you can get it done with motivation, persistence, and have faith in yourself.
Before finding your dream job, you will need to find your qualities, what kind of skills you carry, try to identify in which field you are really interested, and then focus on the particular skills and education that increase your chances of getting a dream job.
With an eye on the prize of getting your dream job, let’s see some smart strategies that really make your dream of getting a job comes true.
1. Before start thinking about your dream job, first, you have to do is to think about what you really want from your dream job and what’s your future goals attached to it. Appling for a job without thinking will give you a failure only.
2. Once you figure out about what you want from your dream job, now it’s time to work on your skills and experience because these two factors will you enhance your chances to get your dream job faster and for growth as well.
3. Sometimes just knowing your skills and experience might not work in the interview if you don’t have your connections. So, we suggest you reached out to all the connections and let them know about your goals and it will help you out because people are love to help others.
4. Neither a dream job never fall into your lap eventually nor you will get it by just putting your resume and cover letter together, you have to earn it with full motivation and persistence in you. So be focused on your goal, prepare for it in an efficient way, and get ready to apply.
5. At last, always keep you up-to-date on all the latest news and some short or timesaving tricks that help you in your job. It is very easy to get distracted and get bogged down during the goal of job hunting.
6. Try to cover all the things which you mentioned in your resume or cover letter so that it benefits you at the time of interview.

https://kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh – khmer online news in cambodia

Why You Should Read Online News Everyday?
The 4th Revolution i.e. digitisation has resulted in sweeping changes in all aspects of your life. In such a circumstance, if you still begin your morning by flipping the newspaper pages, it’s high time that you changed your art of fetching information. Online news portals are a perfect rather a better substitute to the conventional means of collecting news.
Here’s how you can benefit from reading news using your e-devices regularly:
• Quick Accessibility
With a smart phone in hand, why wait for the newspaper boy? Enjoy the convenience of the e-news portal of your newspaper right from your bed. Nowadays, most dailies have an online presence, so you need not switch over to any other newspaper brand. Access your favourite bunch of news in no time besides immersing in unlimited information.
• Gather Integrated Knowledge
As there is limited space for particular information in newspaper, you really can’t know much about your desired news. Contrary to this, when you are online, you can immediately move to the next tab, Google up the news and attain more knowledge in that subject. In this way, you can cross-fertilise news reading and impart your knowledge to others.
• Real-time Updates
In one way, newspapers represent backdated information as they publish news of the previous day. When you go and circulate the news within your circle, for them it’s in the trash already. So, to match pace with rapid awareness and receive real-time information, rely on online news.
• Interactive Presentation
The black-and-white print of newspapers is in no way close to your lifestyle. Instead, spend more time on virtual medium, watch videos and be aware of all significant incidents in an interactive manner. Today, most online news has embedded videos aimed at enhancing your news reading experience. In addition, you can get relevant information on-the-go. Hence, even though you may be struggling in a crowded bus, your headphones are there for quick and easy dissemination.

• Read what you like
Newspaper hardly gives you any choice. You have to take the pain of turning every page to see which specific topics attract you the most for the day. However, when you are online, you can click on your desired tab, be it ‘politics’, ‘sports’, ‘economy’, ‘business’, etc. and experience customised news reading. This saves your precious time and incurs lesser effort.
• No Extra Cost
Where newspapers involve a monthly cost, news portals hardly pinch your pocket. Assuming that you recharge the least amount of data pack, you can still read from the unlimited tabs of the news portals and acquire the knowledge of 2 or 3 newspapers put together.
Now that you know how online news can change your life in a better way, get rid of your age-old habit and upgrade to smart reading!!